Friday, July 6, 2007

La santé in Burkina

What did I eat yesterday?
A quick recount:
Lunch - lamb, maybe goat, whatever mouton is in english
Dinner - skewered beef, and a bag of chicken, piment, and grilled onions
What did I do today?
A quick recount:
Morning language lesson at a café - stood up to go to the bathroom across the street and threw up. I couldnt make it all the way, and had to stop around the corner. Then, I make it to the street, repeat. I then cross the street frogger-style in between cars, motorcycles, and animals, and do the same thing on the other side. I then get to the courtyard where Im told a bathroom exists, and repeat in said courtyard. By the time I actually get into the latrine, I no longer have anything left in my stomach. I went back to the café and returned to my lessons.
The rest of the day after biking back to school from the café - pretty much the same thing. Everything is fine now, thats just what I get for eating three different types of animal in one day in West Africa. I feel great now though, and Im going to eat something tonight.
Okay, its getting dark so I should go back to my village. Tomorrow Ill upload plenty of pictures sometime in the afternoon; its starting to get really green here and I cant wait for you to see the change. Oh and Ill have phone service for sure tomorrow and all day Sunday, so call me if you have my number and if you want to!
Love you guys, Clay

p.s. I got a letter from Nanny and a package from Mom/Dad. Awesome. Really awesome.


keith blogs about bogs said...

go clay go!!! i'm proud of you dude, and not just because you're pukin' in africa just like we always dreamed about doing.
-keith edward p.

Grant said...

thats Clay...
always throwin up at places

Phillip said...

oh man, at least you didn't puke in your bed.

Tiffany said...

Hey Clay-your entry reminded me of my favorite opening line in a book introduction. It was written by one of my favorite authors (Larry McMurtry) about one of my favorite singers (willie). Here goes....

"The first time I saw Willie Nelson he was upchucking in a gutter somewhere around sixth and brazos in Austin, Texas-the late 60's. He had just ended his clean cut phase, though he looked as though his life expectancy might be about week. I did attribute his digestive difficulties to drunkeness. However, until cuisine reached Texas in the 90s, Austin was ever a treacherous place to eat; the man could well have run afoul of a bad tamale..."

See there-you're almost as cool as Willie. Almost.

Take care and watch what you eat....