Sunday, July 22, 2007

Whoa, ten days.

That's how long it's been since I last wrote. Did you notice that I finally found the apostrophe on the keyboard? The little guy was scared at first and hiding under the 4, but now we seem to be getting along splendidly. The guy running the internet café is playing that song "red, red wine," and before that I heard that song "I Swear" by All for One. It's a little like a sixth grade dance, except that my mom's not here running the refreshment counter. But anyways, to Africa. I went to Ouaga and ate a lot, and got sick a little. All in all, it was sweet. It is bizarre though, your standards really do change after a while. The first time I saw Ouaga, all I noticed were the animals in the street and the trash, but now I think of the grand city and beautiful, expensive restaurants come to mind, alongside pools and embassies. Then I got on a bus and headed down to the Southwest. Around Boromo, the trees start getting taller, and in between there is grass instead of red dirt and sand. You know how when you are heading to Bastrop or Houston, and the trees change? It's kind of like that. Then, you get further South, and the bus screams up a paved road and all of a sudden the view opens up and you are in a steeper Texas Hill Country and it is beautiful. When you reach Gaoua, you get off the bus and people are selling roasted corn with real butter and it's like nothing else. You don't have to get off in Gaoua, but it is a nice stop and if you visit we'll probably go out to eat there. When I was walking around Gaoua I suddenly remembered Harry and the Hendersons; the scenery looks just like it. So Matt, you are pretty much there with the trees and the french cooking (although yours is admittedly better). I spent the night there and then jumped on a bus to Kampti, about 35 minutes away. The bus passed bursting, clean-looking barrages and maize and houses etched into hills before pulling into my town, only 15 miles from the Ivory Coast. I checked out my house, very nice. I sat in my living room and talked to Mom, so the reception is perfect (except for when you called Dad, a storm started up and messed with one of the towers). Okay, my town. I am a 2 minute bike ride to cold coke and beer, a 5 minute ride to an internet café, and an 8 minute ride to this place I found that has juice. I cross the river, go next to the market, and I can buy pineapple banana strawberry juice, ha! I will put up some pictures, the few I have, tomorrow since this is a different internet place and it is slow (although now Kelly Clarkson is playing). What exactly did I eat in Ouaga?

Sunday morning: snickers bar
Sunday lunch: double cheeseburger, fries, chocolate milkshake, snickers bar
Sunday dinner: Steak sauteed with mushrooms, french bread, pizza, heineken, roquefort cheese
Monday morning: real coffee and bread with real jelly
Monday lunch: deconstructed salad, chicken, garlic
Monday dinner: Various dishes at the Chinese restaurant, tiramisu ice cream
Tuesday morning, lunch, dinner, Wednesday morning: nothing, I was sick
Wednesday lunch: double bacon cheeseburger, fries, strawberry milkshake, coke
Wednesday dinner: cheeseburger, fries, coke, brochettes

Whew, that was nice to think about. Okay, time to head back, someone promised to try to cut my hair tonight. Also, I met an Italian couple that lives in the city today; we're going to do dinner once or twice a week for Italian lessons. I'll write tomorrow.

p.s. How is Harry Potter? Actually I take that back. PLEASE don't say anything about it until it gets here and I've read it!


Grant said...

hey man
sick with what? We tried Chris beer last week and I like it! its sorta fruity. He seems a bit bummed with it b/c its a little flat so maybe I'll just have to drink all of it for him.
My brew will be ready in 2 more weeks. Maybe i can mail you some. I'll write "Coke" on the outside of the beer bottle so nobody is any the wiser.

Maggy said...

harry potter......
i just finished.
don't worry, don't worry, i wouldn't dream of spoiling it for you.
you need to read it so i can talk w/ you about it!! HURRY!!!!


jhumple said...

harry is on his way

Hannah said...

I forgot to fly you back for movie number five. I am a liar. The book was amazing!

Rachel said...

Oooooh, like the part about the haircut...did it happen? So, when JHumple says Harry is on the way, does that mean she is sending one or should I?

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

What, no townes and dylan? Sounds like the music there stinks...

katie said...

Man, I bet that was awesome! I am at work now, and your blog just made my day a lot better! Now I can save money and try to come visit you!! ( Mom is reading this right now going, yeah right...)
Anyways, try to post some more pictures!!!

Je Taime,


wisdom said...

hey man don't want to spoil the harry potter thing but after the 7th movie, they're making another one about him and the sopranos. it should be pretty sweet.