Sunday, February 11, 2007

Shivers and Somnolence

Brrr it's cold today. I'm not accusing my parents of skimping insulation when the house was being built, but my room is especially chilly. One of us doesn't seem to mind though...

Ronald was happily snoozing away when I woke up. I've been giving him little bites of my tuna sandwiches lately, bread and all. He loves it. We also went on our first trip into the great outdoors yesterday. Alright, so maybe it was the backyard, but he explored like it was a jungle all the same. I kept thinking he was going for the fence the whole time, but he stayed within reach. What's that? Another picture of Ronald? Okay sure...

This crazy weather is doing a number on my allergies, which I was talking about with Robin the other day. Do you think allergy symptoms and sufferers have greatly increased since the Imperial Age? I'm willing to place my bets on yes. Another place I'm willing to place my bets is on the success of IKEA in Round Rock. That place isn't a store, it's a themepark complete with 50 cent hotdogs and 75 cent coffees (which makes it better than Six Flags, which doesn't sell a Coke for under 12.50). My mom, Katie, and I went yesterday. The great part about it is that you know you're going there just to get cheap but good looking "starting out" stuff. Because of this mindset, it escapes the accused simony of a place like Pottery Barn, where you go to get new, expensive emulations of vintage furniture. Not that I personally say that about Pottery Barn; if I were ever to buy expensive things other than comic books and video games it could very well be at Pottery Barn. Okay that's all I have to say today; this blog was mainly an excuse to post pictures of Ron. Have a good rest of the weekend everyone.

113 days to Africa and counting (every day),