Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday the 7th

So remember that one time (yesterday) when I mentioned how green its getting? Here you go.

Pretty beautiful. I took this on my way into town this morning. I pulled my bike over under some shade, said hello to the Burkinabé who were out planting seeds, had a drink of the Gatorade my mom sent in a package, and snapped this picture. Its been a pretty relaxing Saturday, and its only 2:30. Today has been the hottest day in the last few weeks, but I really cant complain. The heat now is nothing compared to my first few days in the country. We got here during the hottest part of the hot season, and I felt like I had been practically siderated the first night when I tried to sleep in Ouaga. Now its nothing like that, and the wind keeps me nice and cool, even though its hard to bike into. Alright, Ill write more next time. Im at a different internet café this time and its un-airconditioned, so everything takes a little longer. See ya.


Wendye Mire said...

ok, your dorky friend just learned how to leave a comment. I've been oohing and aaahhing over your writing talent for the past month to others but didn't know about commenting to you! I am loving hearing your daily life and so many of your simple comments helps me understand how much I/Americans take for granted (savoring a Gatorade!) Your reward is great for living your dream. Love ya Clay! Wendye

Aunt Gail said...

You were surely right about what a difference a week makes. It's as tho you are in a different place. I'm sure you're enjoying the greener, cooler days. Thanks for taking he time to share with us!
As always, take very good care of yourself. Much love, Aunt Gail

katie said...

Hey!!! The pictures are beautiful!!!!!!! Be looking for a letter from me!!

I love you and miss you!

Maggy said...

HARRY POTTER WAS AWESOMEEEEE!!!! i left my full review of it in an email i sent to you, i put a little bit of everything in it, so if you want a more detailed analysis on any give part tell me which and i wil gladly elaborate. =] love you,
and check the mail cuz i sent you a letter!

Christina said...

Where is this?? :)