Saturday, June 30, 2007

Aaand boom goes the dynamite

It is saturday here in Burkina, which means Im back at the internet cafe. Okay, picture time. I was a big spender and paid for 2 hours here instead of my usual one, so we might actually get some pictures uploaded. I dont know how big these will end up, but this whole thing is a learning process anyway. This first one is a HUGE baobab tree down the way from my quarter of the village. It is huge and pretty lion king african.

Okay, this next one is of laundry day here in my courtyard. I keep trying to do it myself so that I wont be helpless when I move to my next village, but the kids here wont let me do anything on my own. Adlai and I were talking about it and we decided that it is like we are infant-kings here. No one expects anything from of us, and they take care of us like we are little children (and get ridiculously happy when we get an entire sentence of Mooré out without messing up). But at the same time they really respect us and listen to what we have to say. Its a bit like the movie with Robert Redford and the last emperor in China, or something to that effect. Either way, when I pull up to my house I have about two dozen children running in from the fields to help me put my bike into my house.

Who is this Adlai character, you ask? Hes a faux type that lives down the street from me and weirds everyone out by constantly trying to sell furniture, trinkets, and fake pearl earrings. Just kidding, he is actually another volunteer that lives in the same village as me, and we are in the same language class. Here is a picture of us back in Ouahigouya last week.

That was a few days ago (I think); the days seem to blend together. Alright, here is a picture of my village, with a mosque in the center. It is beautiful when the sun starts to set, and now that the rains have started grass is beginning to grow and everything is a little greener. I wish you all could see it. Well, I guess that last sentence is true, but if any of you actually decide to come visit I might have to talk you into Ghana, they have Dr. Pepper.

I hope that is big enough to see. I stopped on the way home from the city the other evening and took this picture from the road. In Africa, or at least this corner of Burkina, you can actually see the sun when it gets low enough, and if you have enough clouds you can actually look at it. At one point two nights ago I looked in one direction and saw the moon going up, and in the other saw the sun settling down. It was pretty nice, and reminded me of the time Wisdom became poetic and told us how lucky he was to see the sun rise on the East Coast, and within the same week, see the sun set over the West. Ha.

Okay, I am really hoping this works, so Im gonna send it while I still have some time left. Love you guys and hope you are well. Clay


Grant said...

Man, those pictures are awesome. Are you tan/sunburnt in that one picture? Maybe its just the shadow. Also, it looks like you have some nice facial stubble growing. Count me jealous.

Brittany said...

Clay... I see you have a cell phone now. I'll have to add txt to Grant's plan. He Tigger bounced into the next room to tell me you sent him a text mesasage. (Maybe NOW he'll have incentive to keep his phone charged.) The pictures look great... stop worrying about the size. We played Wii Tennis several times this week and paused for your "Deuce and a half" announcement. Grant filled in for you. Can we still send things to the same address you gave us before? <3 britt

Keli said...

Clay, the pictures are beautiful...the one of the tree looks like a painting! I loved your description of the village children. As a teacher in America, I'm jealous.

Matt said...

Pictures look great. Sounds like you're doing well. I thought you would like to know the french football player henry got traded to barcelona last week. No other big sports news stateside. I'll look forward to the next instalment of notes from burkina. Have a good week!

Maggy said...

okay, we're all missing you and loving you. time for brunch! (aunt elaine and mom say hi)

Tiffany said...

Hi Clay-
The pictures are spectacular! Love the subject line of your blog...Reggie Miller's looking good...reminds me of that time you were imitating the grape lady at that restaurant and suddenly the whole place got real quiet and everyone was staring at times! Nothing really new here. I went to the Rangers game last night for July 4 and watched the fireworks afterwards. It was pretty fun-and amazingly the Rangers beat the Angels! (Just in case you were wondering about MLB-I know its not as cool as nascar....) My aunt had a bar-b-q for July 4, and my cousin Mattie asked about you and I was telling everyone about your great adventures. It was all far more exciting than my life as an ERISA lawyer-so I'm glad you are giving me something cool to talk about at family gatherings! Have fun and be safe! love, tiff

Brett said...

Hey Clay-

So awesome to hear about your have a new blog fan. That's great that you're learning a new language...I'm jealous.

Keep posting so we can share your excitement!


wisdom said...

yeah that one time was poetic, but not as poetic as last night, cause we were looking at the moon at the same time. at least it sure felt like it.