Saturday, June 16, 2007

And the spurs won the finals

When did this happen? I had to google search the NBA finals just to find out, like it happened too long ago to still be news. Also, Dale Jr. signed with a new team. Awesome. What isn`t awesome, my lack of pictures for you. The internet café is crowded today and I`m stuck with an older computer that can`t handle my camera. I`ll get some sent out sometime next week though. Everything is slooooow here in Burkina right now; it`s the rainy season, but the sky hasn`t opened up yet. What is the opening sentence to Grapes of Wrath? Whatever it is, it`s like that. Anyways my point is that I`m slow in doing this right now too, but I am going to get proactive about getting a cellphone next week or the week after and we can text and call and all that jazz. Love you guys and hope you are safe and sound, Clay


katie said...

yeah, I don't like the Spurs! or anything associated with San Antonio!!

Tiffany said...

This is from my English major memory that has become littered with a bunch of legal b.s., so it may not be completely accurate, but I bet its pretty darn close as the grapes of wrath is one of my top five favorite books of all times...

To the red and grey country of Oklahoma, the last rains came gently and did not not cut the scarred earth.

subash said...


Glad you are settling in well, wanted to ask you a few questions about the Zombies. It was a late night and Brittany and I were having an argument about whether or not you could contain zombies within government facilities or not.
Also Thierry Henry is now playing for FC Barcelona.
Also I got Grant a beer brewing kit so he will have something for you when you are back for Christmas.