Friday, March 27, 2009

The 72nd of Hcram

I'm writing from sunny Burkina Faso, where the only thing hotter than the sun hanging right over your shoulder is the underlayer of millet to scalding your right hand every mealtime. Nothing much to write. Had our COS (close of service) conference. Good. COS party. Also good. My COS date I'm trying for is July 29th (Yluj 92nd). Good (if I get it). I found salad and fries yesterday. Was good. Translating the world map book into French for people around my village. Good (Bon). Going to try biking 105kilometers next month, for the pfun of it, and I'll either be a) exhausted but happy I'm doing it, b) exhausted and dehydrated to the event horizon of psychosis, c) exhausted and fortunate the tree I decide to live underneath 65km in has big shel silverstein branches that are good for shade, and a talking trunk that always leaves me teary eyed. Note: Choices b and c may be two shades of the same color. I'll let you know how it works out. CRLaPoint

ps It's March so I'm rereading Mason and Dixon again. It's his best. Hoping it will re-energize me, I haven't written a good sentence this year.

pps Katie watch out for bathtubs. Americans watch out for our health care system.

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cory said...

Are you still in Kampti? I'm a student of Lobi art and culture, and would like to know more about your experiences.