Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Photos Mostly from the North

porch view (up)
Roadtrip (down)

Thanksgiving (up)
Post-transport fatigue (down)

Donkey cart playing it safe at the stop sign (up)
Mac (down)

Becca, no one will love you if you continue to smile like that (up)
The Emaciated Cro-Magnon and the Infants: The Musical (down)

Out of coffee (up)
Coca-Cola bear (for the Christmas spirit) (down)


Becca Faso said...

ooooh appellions nous ma visage non adorable??? Je dit non. Non! Apres touts c'est toi qui aime toutes mes visages comme je suis ton meillure amie mondial (si par "mondial" je veux dire "burkina freakin faso"). C'est bon dat.

Grant said...

I would pay to see that musical