Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Headphones follow up

Or headphone follow up, since the left one went into hibernation a little early. Almost ready with a massive blog attack...will send updates, some pictures, life from a three room house (four if you count my outdoor kitchen, five if you count my outdoor powder room - don't get them mixed up if you come visit) situated in between the villages of Kampti and Bouti and surrounded by fields of sweet potatoes, peanuts, and beans that feed off the barrage from Poniro, a village 6 km up the hill with a man-made lake that drains into the small but existent Kampti basin where the maize stalks are drying up and gold and almost romanesque-looking now that they've been harvested. In the Africa that I know the fields are the only places you see straight lines. There is no logic to the cities. Unless you are on the coast there are no natural barriers to account for, and even then the constraint is limited. There are no neighborhoods or suburbs with streets based on land subdivisions and dirt distributions. New cars are few, houses have leans to them, even the spoons are bent and wimpled like old New World silver.....ah I'm getting away from myself. I was writing to say that since only the right headphone works, when I'm listening to Hendrix now I'm only getting one feed and Long Hot Summer Night is completely a cappella. It would be good with a stand-up piano. Oh and I'm back in Ouaga because I've been sick for the last ten days but today I feel like a hundred bucks and I'm going to a restaurant with singing nuns tomorrow night and a crafts festival this weekend. The restaurant is called L'Eau Vive which means the living water or, my preferred translation, The Water Lives. Hi, The Water Lives? Yes this is The Water Lives. I'd like to make a reservation for two at The Water Lives. Will the singing nuns be there? Yes here at The Water Lives the singing nuns are here every night. Perfect, Clay, C L A Y LaPointe, table for two, The Water Lives. Yes sir. Thanks, see you tomorrow. Very well, thank you. Click.

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Rachel said...

Ah, brings back memories of my childhood and Debbie Reynolds in "The singing Nun" See if they will sing Dominic. Love you!