Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's 11:26am and I just remembered

how I woke up this morning. I've got to run to the market to get vegetables before the ladies fall asleep for their sieste, so I'll try to make it quick. I went to bed and it was completely quiet and still. I woke up at 6:30am and the sky shouldn't have been dark but was dark blue and grey, the color you see in movies when a small fishing boat is about to be destroyed. People were running around, moving furniture away from the screens and toward the walls. Mattresses too. A chair was pushed too hard against my bed and it fell over onto my legs. The wind was twirling dirt and dust like a father dances with his daughter and I went back to sleep immediately. After sleeping here for 5 weeks, on the same spot on the same porch, I knew that my little corner is safe. No matter how much it rains, I won't get any more than a mist letting me know my bike seat will be wet when I ride to the bureau or post office or market, where I'm going now.

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katie said...

why are you sleeping on the porch??! p.s. good imagery!!