Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Patience and Baudolino

Hey everyone, it's been a lot of sitting and waiting the last few weeks. In Guinea the situation is still back and forth; one day there is a lot of violence (yesterday was the worst so far, with reports of over twenty dead), and the next is filled with nothing save myself scouring the internet for news articles that aren't there. And because of the mad rush the week before I thought I was leaving, there now isn't anything exigent for me to do, which is a bit maddening.
Still though, a few things have saved me and should be mentioned:

The Davii - I don't know the plural for Davis, so I'll just call them the Davii for now. They're always awesome, but lately they've been really great. They let me sleep on their floor, play their Wii, and they keep me company while I'm bored. Thanks Davii.

1000 piece puzzle - The Lapoints and Wendye Mire put together the most difficult puzzle I've ever seen, and it took less than a week. I put the last piece in this morning, and other than the four missing pieces, it's all done.

Partial Internet Restoration - We finally got our internet fixed - the neighbors in the cul-de-sac, especially someone named MOOSE, must be grateful that their full speed is back. And since my Dad has the internet back in his office, I was in there checking my email and found a CD I've wanted on my iPod for months (and no dad it's one of mine). Speaking of finding something.....

Baudolino and Hemingway - I was going to a coffee shop last night to read and stopped by Half Price books to try to find a book I've been unable to find. As I pulled in, I noticed a KFC gift card underneath my coffee shop gift card. I honestly have no idea who gave me a KFC gift card (I don't really eat there), but at the same time I found it I saw a KFC in the same parking lot as the bookstore. Inside the bookstore I found Baudolino AND an old Hemingway book that I've wanted for a while, both cheap. As I was walking out, this guy asked me for spare change. I didn't have any, but I did have the recently found KFC card. I didn't want to give it up outright since I wanted a biscuit, so we walked over to the KFC and got our food. I'm actually not the most alacritous when it comes to talking to people I don't know, but in certain situations it all comes together.

I guess that's all for right now. As far as the postponement goes, it would be a shame for anyone to get too upset about the individual delay, seeing that a majority of the country's people are denied a majority of the country's resources. We all deserve a better life. My heart is with a people I do not yet (and may not) know, and I hope things will work out without any more violence. I'll update everyone with another email when I get the final date (so far it looks like I'm leaving on Feb 3rdish).

Best wishes,

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